Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lent - The 6-Week Challenge

It's decided.  I am going to observe Lent this year!

While I am not exactly Catholic, I have actually tried to observe this practice for several years now.  Unfortunately, I have never been successful - not even a little bit.  Having turned 25, however, I really want to be better about following through with things & I would really like for this to be my start off point.

One of the best ways to hold anyone accountable for anything is to broadcast it to as many people as possible because once it's out there, the pressure to follow through & not fail skyrockets.  So even though it is obnoxious, I am going to let the world - or however many people who happen to come across this - know about my goal & have them be my accountability "partners".  Another way that I'm going to hold myself accountable for sticking with Lent this year is by updating on my progress.  I don't think I'll be doing this every single day but I'll definitely be writing down short little blurbs here and there so that not only can I encourage myself to stick to the plan, but also allow myself an outlet to reflect on this experience.

For the next 6 weeks, there will be no meat & no obvious sugar (fructose & carbohydrates are OK) in my diet.  I apologize in advance to anyone who has to deal with me on a daily basis during this period because I can already see myself as being incredibly blah, irritable, crabby, & bitchy (if it gets bad enough).  But here's to following through & for starting off on a new "adventure".