Sunday, February 24, 2013

7x7 Big Eats 2013 - Irving Cafe & Deli

Location: 2146 Irving Street, San Francisco, California 94122 
Date: Sunday, February 24th
Food: Banh-Mi
Price: $4.00-$4.50
Comments: I got the combination pork sandwich which was pretty disappointing.  I have only had a few Banh-Mi sandwiches in my lifetime but I know they are supposed to have quite of bit of pickled vegetables.  This sandwich had only shredded carrots & 1 piece of cucumber that was slightly pickled (if @ all).  There were 3-4 different types of pork products but they all tasted very similar in their seasoning except for the paté which was so flavorful, it overwhelmed everything else.  This is also where the acidity from the pickled vegetables would have helped a lot.  The best thing was the bread which remained crispy even after sitting in the wrapper for 30 minutes.  The price was reasonable & the service was quick but I don't think I will stop in for another sandwich any time soon.

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